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Certainly a big “Thank You” to all of our members, contributors, and commenters. This site is built on the goodness of others and everyone deserves to be acknowledged where possible. In the development of...


TOS Simple English

“… ease your worried mind…” Terms of Service -Simple version These FAQs are not affiliated with, or intended to imply affiliation with, any of the Trademarked or other legally identified products or Parties; unless...


Any more FAQs in the works?

Time, where does it go? Yep there will be plenty more, right now I can assure you there will be a section dedicated to the process of creating tools/software how-to and tips and tricks...

What is the Kickback Section in the  sidebar? 0

What is the Kickback Section in the sidebar?

Usually ‘Google Ads’. I call them “Kickback Ads” because if you click on it – along with maybe 999 other people – I get a penny (or some strange ratio like that). A lot...

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